Monday, October 13, 2014

Map: Fred Harvey Hotels Mileage Chart

From the wheat fields of Kansas to the orange groves of California, the transcontinental highways which follow the popular "Santa Fe Route" traverse a region rich in scenic interest . . . New Mexico with its mesas and pueblos, its ancient cliff-dwellings and old Spanish missions; Arizona with its Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest and its colorful Navajo and Hopi Indian Country . . . Along the way Fred Harvey Hotels provide convenient over-night stops and ideal headquarters for interesting journeys "off the beaten path."


  1. Great card. I like the convenience of being able to put an "x' where you are staying on the map! Also, noticed that you haven't linked from here to my blog, and thought you might like to! I have yours listed on my blogroll, and I always enjoy your comments.

    1. Your link is already there. Since the list was getting so long, I made it show the most recent links. But if you go to the bottom of the "Postcard Blog" list and click "show all" you can see all the links including the older ones.


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