Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Burger King Mascot

This groovy Love postcard is one of a series ©Burger King Corporation 1972. On the back is the slogan "where kids are king."

Recently I've seen one of Burger King's new commercials featured a lot in news stories. I haven't seen the commercial actually aired as a commercial, so these stories represent a ton of free advertising for Burger King. Why? Because some people are complaining that the commercial objectifies women. Maybe it does, but in my opinion the worst part is the creepy greasy king that looks more like a devil than a king. The lesson here is that if you create a truly awful commercial, you don't have to pay to show it. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch the new Burger King commercial on YouTube.

Or, you can watch a nice retro 1970s animated commercial. I guess those were simpler times…

Which King do you prefer -- the merry old soul or the creepy devil? And which ad do you think is better?

P. S. The YouTube embedding code hasn't been working right for me. It is not showing the border, and it is showing related videos--this is the opposite of what I have been checking for customization. Is anyone else having this problem??


  1. hello,
    yes, our king Hugues Capet eat burgers and drive a motorbike.

  2. I have had the same problem with Youtube! It drives me bonkers when the related videos pop up. Groovy is the perfect word to describe this card!

  3. I think that the old commercial might have been an attempt to counter the entire cast of characters from McDonald's. But, like you said, the creepier and edgier the new ones are, the more free replays they get.

  4. I love the card. I must say I find the new king with the big plastic head very creepy! I wish they'd go back to their 70s advertising...it would sure beat the new commercial I saw of theirs the other day--"I like square butts". It's rather inappropriate for advertising a kid's meal, if you ask me!


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