Saturday, February 19, 2011

Abraham Lincoln on Stamps and Postcards

This postcard was issued by the U.S. Postal Service in 1989. The back of the postcard has a printed invitation to visit them at the World Stamp Expo '89 in Washington, D.C. World Stamp Expo '89 was sponsored by the United States Postal Service and was staged in conjunction with the twentieth Universal Postal Congress.

There are actually two stamp images on this card. The larger 25-cent commemorative stamp is the 1989 World Stamp Expo Issue. This 25-cent commemorative stamp incorporated a stamp-on-stamp motif featuring a reproduction of the 1869 90-cent Lincoln Issue. The 1869 Lincoln stamp was based on a photograph by Matthew Brady. This was the second of many Lincoln stamps that have been issued over the years. The first stamp depicting President Abraham Lincoln was a 15-cent stamp issued in 1866 within a year of Lincoln's death.

For more information on Lincoln stamps, visit the online exhibit From Postmaster To President: Celebrating Lincoln’s 200th Birthday Through Stamps & Postal History.

For anyone interested in history or Lincoln postcards, I recommend the book Abraham Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography in Postcards.

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  1. What a great post. I can't wait to track down the biography of Lincoln in postcards. I'm so glad to know about this.

  2. I wrote about Lincoln recently (his dream about his assassination)and am waiting to get my hands on a biography about him.
    Now I know why Viridian chose the theme for the week.

  3. I must see if I can get hold of a copy of the book. It sounds like an easy way to absorb some history.

  4. Your post makes a fine complement to my starting post. Thanks for participating!

  5. A biography on postcards, that's awesome! What a great way to learn about history :)

    Postcards Crossing

  6. Stamp Expos have some interesting themes, so much extra meaning to the stamps.


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