Monday, February 14, 2011

Fanny Farmer Candies - St. Paul and Minneapolis

This is a linen advertising postcard for Fanny Farmer Candies, circa 1945. At the top are the words "When in St. Paul and Minneapolis Visit." In the center is a picture of a Fanny Farmer store. In the four corners are views of places in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

This same basic design with the Fanny farmer store in the center was used for other cities and states, but with different location names and views. I was able to see cards from the following locations shown on the web: Wisconsin, Rochester (NY), New York City, Niagara Falls and Buffalo (NY), Syracuse (NY), New England (Maine and New Hampshire), New England (Massachusetts and Rhode Island), Boston (MA), Des Moines (IA), Detroit and Battle Creek (MI), and Washington DC. There are probably others.

It seems like only yesterday I was seeing Fanny Farmer stores. I didn't realize they were gone, and that Fanny Farmer was merged with Fannie May. In 2006 Fannie May joined the family of brands.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on Fanny Farmer:
Fanny Farmer was an American candy manufacturer and retailer.

Fanny Farmer was started in Rochester, New York by Frank O'Connor in 1919. The company was named in honor of culinary expert Fannie Farmer, who had died four years earlier.

In 1992 the Archibald Candy Company acquired the brand (and its 200 retail stores in the northeastern United States) as a sister brand to its own Fannie May candies (sold primarily in the Midwest and mid-Atlantic United States). Alpine Confections purchased both brands in 2004 after Archibald filed for bankruptcy, and merged Fanny Farmer into Fannie May.


  1. I never tasted the candies, but I love my Fannie Farmer cookbook. I hope they did her proud.

  2. Fabulous...I love advertising postcards!!!


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