Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidential Suite, Hotel Radisson, Minneapolis

This postcard shows the Presidential Suite at the original Radisson Hotel on Seventh Street in downtown Minneapolis. The card was used in 1942.

The original Radisson Hotel was built in 1909. The hotel's name came from the 17th century French explorer Pierre Esprit Radisson, who was believed to have been the first white man to explore Minnesota. The Radisson Hotel was designed to be one of the finest hotels in the country.

A History of The Radisson Hotel describes how the hotel declined during the 1930s and later made a comeback after World War II. When Minnesota businessman Curtis Carlson became the owner in the early 1960s, there still was only a single Radisson Hotel. Carlson expanded the Radisson Hotel chain first in Minnesota, then across America, and eventually throughout the world. In 1998 (when the history was written) there were more than 350 Radisson hotels, inns, and resorts on six continents.

The original Radisson Hotel was replaced by a new hotel at the same location in the 1980s. the new hotel is called Radisson Plaza Hotel Minneapolis. There is no mention of a Presidential Suite at that location. A Minneapolis Presidential Suite is listed for the Radisson University Hotel near the University of Minnesota.

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  1. Looks like fairly tight quarters for a Presidential Suite, doesn't it? Of course this card doesn't show it all, but I'd think it would be more open/spacious. (Surely they weren't conserving our tax dollars!)


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