Monday, May 23, 2011

Local Loan Co., Andrus Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This postcard shows the office of Local Loan Co. circa 1940. This office was located in the Andrus Building (shown in the inset picture) in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I don't know what happened to Local Loan Co., but the Andrus Building is still standing on Nicollet Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets. The building was built in 1898 and has been remodelled more than once. It is now known as Renaissance Square. Here is some information from the Emporis website:
The original two story storefront was replaced by a new, modernist one at some point between 1947 and 1965, which was in turn replaced by a postmodernist one during the 1983 renovation. General renovations commenced late summer 2008, including the creating of a parking area in the basement, accessible by a new ramp to be entered on 5th Street. The original cornice was removed and the ninth floor arched windows were squared off by 1931.


  1. There are some banks in my hometown that still look exactly like that! It's fascinating what was selected as a postcard subject back in the day.

  2. The composition of that card is really nice, and I love the close-ups of people in architectural environments like that.

  3. I love the composition and the great colors. Once again, a postcard preserves history that the history books and other records would ignore.

  4. Great postcard, the bank looks so peaceful!


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