Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Watson Lake Signposts, Watson Lake, Yukon

The first postcard shows a relatively early view of the signposts at Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada. The description on the back of this postcard states that the "signposts have been built up over the last 20 years by individual travellers posting the mileage to their hometown." This would date the picture as early 1960s.

Here is information from the Watson Lake website:
On the Alaska Highway, in the southeastern corner of the Yukon Territory, Watson Lake welcomes thousands of visitors to the Yukon each year. A regional transportation centre, Watson Lake is the Yukon’s third largest community, is home to the Liard First Nation People and is also the traditional territory of the Kaska people.

What began as a fish camp and small airstrip in the early 40's, boomed during the construction of the Alaska Highway when thousands of US Army soldiers arrived to build this renowned highway.

The Town’s world famous Signpost Forest was started in 1942 by a homesick US Army soldier. Right beside the Signpost Forest is the Watson Lake Visitor Information Center and in addition to welcoming travelers, they interpret the fascinating story of the construction of the Alaska Highway.

The postcard below advertises Scioto Sign Company of Kenton, Ohio. Their sign is in the center of the photo and reads:
3298 Miles to
Home Of
"Quality Signs Since 1897"

As shown in the video, the Watson Lake Signposts have grown into a Sign Post Forest.

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  1. These are the ultimate signs. There's something pretty fun about the whole idea.

  2. Very neat! I can't help but think of the signs all over the globe that once (maybe still do) indicate the distance to Wall Drug in South Dakota.

  3. I would love to see this in person!

  4. this sign post is worth visiting. thanks for sharing.

  5. Now THOSE are definitely perfect for the Signs Signs meme! Great postcard.

    You'll recognize my post -- and thank you again for saying I could link to your Shell Factory Post.

  6. This is an awesome is really hard to believe. And the first sign I saw in the little idea just happened to say LEXINGTON! Quite the coincidence. Thanks for a great post this week.

  7. Oh wow same here I would love to see this in person and put a sign too in additional to all these signs.

  8. Very cool, I'd like to come across something like this one day, there is so much to take in, thanks for sharing!

  9. Fantastic! This is like the Mothership of all signs :D I would love to go and put my sign there one day.

  10. I didn't realize so much history could be found in postcards.

  11. These are absolutely fantastic! What a collection of signs.


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