Monday, May 2, 2011

Northrup King Garden Seeds Display Case

This is a postcard that Northrup, King & Co. of Minneapolis, Minnesota sent to a dealer announcing the shipment of a seed display case in 1913.

Northrup King was founded in 1896 and was located in Northeast Minneapolis until about 1986. The company is no longer in business in Minneapolis. The NK brand garden seeds are currently sold by Plantation Products Inc.

It is interesting to see how little garden flower seed displays have changed over the years. The picture below is from a 1954 Life Magazine ad. The Plantation Products website has pictures of current NK garden seed displays.


  1. I like the 1913 the best. But it's getting so I like b&w photos a lot!

  2. Oh, and I bet these were relatively inexpensive. Now, when I look at the price on a seed packet, I sometimes wonder whether I would be better off buying the finished product at the store.

  3. Fantastic postcard! I just love cards that involve advertising or other commercial aspects.


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