Saturday, April 30, 2011

Swedish Stamps Honoring Evert Taube

The English translation of the description on the front of this postcard is "In Roslagens arms - the 1977 tourist booklet, published May 2 in celebration of Evert Taube and his poetry." Although he is called a poet on this card, Evert Taube (1890 - 1976) was more of a songwriter and troubadour, and is best known for his folksongs. Roslagen is the name of the coastal areas of Uppland province in Sweden.

The 1977 stamps in this booklet have words and music from one of Taube's popular songs, I Roslagens famn, accompanied by appropriate illustrations. The five lines and approximate translations are, from top to bottom:
Själv blandar jag fredligt mitt kaffe med kron
Of course I mix peacefully my coffee with Crown (rum)

Se måsen med löjan i näbb han
See gull with fish in his beak

Här dansar Calle Schewen med Roslagens mö
Here dancing Calle Schewen (a waltz) with Roslagens maiden

Och vittja tvåhundrade krok
And empty the two hundredth hook (fish hook)

Det brinner i martallens topp!
It burns in the pine trees top!

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  1. What a spirit-lifting post. I'm a sucker for accordions anyway, but the stamp with the accordion and dancers is wonderful in so many ways. The video is most amusing!

  2. Beautiful stamps!
    If I remember it right, some poems of Robert Burns are also turned into songs. Perhaps it is the same for Taube - his poem became more popular when it was turned into songs? I'm only guessing.

    Happy Sunday!

    Postcards Crossing

  3. On one of my few visits to Sweden we finished up at a party where we were entertained by accordions and dancing - and lots and lots of ale.

  4. such a great post for a gloomy rainy Sunday! that stamp with the accordion and dancers is definitely my favourite out of all the is just lovely!

    have a happy and joyful Sunday!

  5. Dancing in the countryside, who could resist. A pretty set of stamps

  6. The Are Truly Beautiful Works Of Art.

  7. Neat stamps. thanks for participating!

  8. I swear to you I kept waiting for the Monty Python guys to pop up in this video. Terrific stamps.

  9. Very fine-detailed stamps...Nice! :)


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