Saturday, September 21, 2013

Belarusian National Clothes on Stamps

This postcard shows stamps featuring Belarusian national clothes. These stamps date from 1995 to 2005. Belarus also has some newer stamps showing national clothing. The stamps on the postcard and also ones issued in 2011 and 2012 are listed and shown on the Belpost page  here

Belarus also has a joint issue with Azerbaijan of costumed folk dancers for 2013. The stamps feature dancers in native costumes of each country performing the national dances – Kryzhachok (Belarus) and Terekeme (Azerbaijan). (On the Azerbaijan sheet, the left and right images are reversed) The next image is from Wikipedia.

Kryzhachok is a Belarusian folk dance that is performed by any number of pairs. The complicated pattern of the dance resembles a geometric ornament. The name of the dance comes from the Belarusian word “kryzh” (cross). The dancing couples form an imaginary cross by their construction, by their hands etc. Terekeme is an ancient Azerbaijan folk dance.

If you are interested in reading about Belarusian national clothing, here is a link: Belarusian Traditional Clothing.

P.S. I just looked at the mail I got today and discovered I received an envelope with one of the 2011 Belarus costume stamps. This stamp has costumes of the Kalinkovichi region.

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  1. I'm happy to see that the stamp I have from Belarus is on that postcard, in the middle on the rightmost side. An issue from 2005. Thank you for the link on the Belarusian traditional clothing, I enjoyed reading through the page.

    I like joint issues and learning parallels. Thank you for sharing that Belarus-Azerbaijan joint issue.

  2. Such great stamps that are rarely used on postcards, shame!

  3. What a rich diversity of costumes the country has. Thanks for the Belarus link, its a super site. I noticed they are doing a Postcrossing stamp in 2014 which I'm sure everyone will be hoping to get.

  4. Another one of your great postcards. I'm wishing that I could examine the embroidery on these costumes up close.
    Thank you for joining us this week.

  5. I hope I get one of those new joint issue stamps!
    I have so many of the Belarusian animal stamps, but not very many of the costume ones.

  6. Super postcard. The variety of costumes and stamps from this area always amazes me.

  7. lovely stamps! I like it what the Russians and Belorussians do, by printing such stamps-postcards...maybe some other countries have it too but so far Ive only had the chance to see them from these too.
    That joint issue is pretty awesome as well!


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