Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Dream

I was born on Thanksgiving. When I was a child, that meant that my birthday was celebrated on Thanksgiving. The thing that I remember most about Thanksgiving is feeling sick after eating too much for dinner. It didn't help that my mother's taste in food was different than mine. I never liked her au gratin potato and marshmallow sweet potato casseroles. I didn't even care much for my birthday cake.

Let this be a warning! Don't be tempted to eat too much on Thanksgiving (or other occasions). You don't want to end up like this boy, feeling sick and having crazy dreams.

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  1. I once had night terrors and that was enough - I put it down to the blue cheese I ate with my supper.

  2. I have never had night terrors from food but I have never tried au gratin potato and marshmallow sweet potato casserole either.

  3. Oh yes -- over-indulge every Thanksgiving! We like marshmallow sweet potatoes, but we always had to watch out for Daughter #1 who was famous for sneaking a goodly amount of the marshmallows before we could get everything on the table!

  4. AS I was a boy during WWII we never had the chance to overindulge, Now I have to eat what I am told!

  5. We never had/have marshmallows on the sweet potatoes but I fear I do overindulge.

  6. If you didn't like your birthday cake, you REALLY wouldn't have liked the first one I ever tried to make! I was thirteen at the time & had helped my mother make chocolate cupcakes for my sister's birthday party & convinced her I could make the family birthday cake - a simple yellow cake - by myself. Both came from boxed mixes so how wrong could I go? Mom & Dad had to go out, so were happy for me to do it. Having helped with the chocolate cupcakes, I knew how many eggs & how much water to add, so there was no need to read the directions on the box. I mixed everything up, poured the batter into the cake pans, & popped 'em in the oven. (I did read the directions about oven temp & baking time at least) Imagine my surprise when the cake layers came out - each one only about half an inch high & heavily condensed. What? But, oh well. Then it was time to make the frosting. Uh-oh. I hadn't helped Mom with that part. I looked up a recipe for cake frosting. It said to use confectioner's sugar. What kind of sugar was that? I remembered Mom used some powdered sugar when she made frosting so I decided to go half & half with powdered & granulated sugar. It sure didn't come out looking like Mom's frosting, but I went ahead & frosted the cake which looked kind of plain for a birthday cake so I put raisins on it. I still remember my sister's mighty frown when I placed that heavy inch-high cake with grainy frosting & raisins in front of her. I learned later the cake came out so compressed because you use more water to make chocolate cake & less to make white or yellow cake which I would have known, had I read the directions! Oh well, live & learn. And Mom made Sis another perfect cake the next day.

  7. Marshmallow sweet potato casserole?????? Love the card :)

  8. The thought of marshmallow/sweet potato casserole makes my toes curl!

  9. That is a wonderful card :)

    I thought of you when preparing this weeks post. When we were kids and sick in bed, mum would bring up the box full of cards and postcards. I went looking through my box of postcards for my post but decided on another direction.

  10. Great postcard! But us Aussie's have obviously missed out, not only do we not celebrate Thanksgiving, we have no idea what marshmallow sweet potato casserole is!

  11. A great postcard!!
    Marshmallow sweet potatoes???
    That is unknown to me and it sounds quite odd...
    It is NOT traditional thanksgiving fare, is it?!?
    I love cake!!
    I used to eat a lot, not so much anymore...
    Did my first when I was 5, under my father's supervision, of course!!
    I remember it was a marbled cake, and it was a success.
    Turns out I was always good at making pastries and such...
    and proved it often enough!!


  12. Replies
    1. I guess I'm not hanging with the right crowd because here In Canada, I never heard of that.
      Sweet potatoes, yes, with marshmallows, nope!!
      Interesting to read about its origins. Thanks for sharing that one!


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