Saturday, September 7, 2013

Europa Stamps of Russia

Russia issued their first Europa stamp in 1995. This postcard shows the Europa stamps of Russia from 1995 to 2011 (no stamps for 2006 or 2007). The stamps are arranged chronologically in three rows.

The Europa themes illustrated are:
  • 1995  Peace and Freedom
  • 1996  Famous Women (Y.Dashkova, 1st President of Academy of Science; S.Kovalevskaya, mathematician)
  • 1997  Tales and Legends
  • 1998  Festivals and National Celebrations (End of Winter)
  • 1999  Nature Reserves and Parks
  • 2000  Common Design: Tower of 6 Stars (same design used by various countries)
  • 2001  Water, Treasure of Nature (view of Lake Baikal, map of Lake Baikal and the representatives of its fauna)
  • 2002  The Circus (juggling, training, aerial acrobatics, magic tricks, clowning)
  • 2003  Poster Art ("My first steps are toward Einem cookies")
  • 2004  Holidays (beach holiday)
  • 2005  Gastronomy (a samovar and traditional food on Shrove Tuesday: Pancakes, red and black caviar, bagels)
  • 2008  Writing Letters (birch-bark scroll, ancient scroll with wax seal, modern letter in an envelope icon email)
  • 2009  Astronomy
  • 2010  Children Books
  • 2011  Forests (silver birch forest and magpie)
My favorite (or least the lone I would be most likely to buy for use) is the 2011 forest stamp.

source: Wikipedia

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  1. I have many of these on postcards but not the forest one,sadly. Forest was a great theme for europa stamps and most were gorgeous

  2. Russia have produced some great Europa stamps when looking at them as a whole like this. The portrayal of the sunlit glade captures the magic sand essence of a forest.

  3. In looking at your postcard, I noticed the forest stamp immediately. What great colors in this beauty. Thank you for participating.

  4. the forest stamp is the only one I have! and seeing the others, I agree it s the nicest of the lot.

  5. I can see why we all like the forest stamp.

  6. That forest stamp will be my favorite too! :) I believe I have it on the back of one of my postcards...


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