Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ford Comics Postcards

I am showing two of the many Ford Comics postcards issued around 1915. The ones that I have with dates are from 1915 and 1916. There were several series and at least two artists and two publishers produced these cards. There is nothing on the card about the Ford Motor Company, but the Metropolitan Post Card Club website lists Ford as the publisher of the "Ford Booster" comics.

I chose these two postcards to show here because I thought the messages on the back were interesting.

The first postcard is signed by artist Cobb X. Shinn and is © Commercial Colortype company. No series name or number is listed on the back. It is postmarked in Milwakee, Wisconsin on Nov. 7, 1916 which was election day. Claude wrote on Tues Eve.:

Dear Folks:
Am feeling pretty good tonite. Am studying then shall go down town to get election returns.
How is everything? Would like to come home this week. Ed expects to go home too. Will phone if anything turns up.

The second postcard is not signed by the artist, but it is similar to ones that are signed by Witt. On the back is printed "No. 2153, 10 des. FORD COMICS." It is a message from Carl written in July from Watertown, South Dakota:

Dear Friend.
A line to let you know that I am feeling fairly well and have a good job up here. I can see a good ball game every day if I want to. Got a dividend check from Oklahoma today. tell you about it later and see you when I get back to Mankato.

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  1. These are such unique cards!
    Thanks so much for taking part in the Festival of Postcards.
    I can't wait to pull all the entries together and enjoy the range of postcards.
    Evelyn in Montreal

  2. Oh my word! How truly hilarious! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful postcards!

  3. I've never seen a card like these before! They are wonderful. I love the comic ones. Messages on the back are interesting, too.

  4. Not especially flattering to Ford, though! Perhaps people expected rattles and breakdowns as part of normal running in those days. :)


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