Sunday, March 29, 2009

DineAville Motel & Cafe Pink Dinosaur Statue

This is one of my favorite roadside statue postcards. Who can resist a pink dinosaur?

Actually, the reason I chose to post it this week is because of the location name Vernal. "Vernal" is an adjective meaning "spring" which is what I would like the weather to be. Winter seems to be hanging on too long.

Vernal is located in northeastern Utah, an area known as Dinosaurland. The motel is gone now, and the statue was moved to a different location in
Vernal. There are some
more recent views of the pink dinosaur on flickr.

The car in the background appears to be a late 1950s Plymouth or Dodge. To get into the spirit of the times, watch the video Watch TV Like in 1958! Fred Astaire "In Living Color"! This is part of an early color TV show sponsored by the Chrysler Corporation. (You can tell I've been watching too much YouTube lately!)


  1. The Pink Dinosaur should be on the list of National Hysteric Treasures. In fact, I'm nominating it today. Anybody second that.

  2. Is it the restaurant of the flinstones ?

  3. I second your nomination Kris! This card makes my day!

  4. It would not surprise me if both NBC and the Chrysler Corporation joined the hotel, and ceased to exist this year.

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  6. I actually spent some time working near Vernal, Utah, and saw this very thing! Small towns surrounding this area, have a host of rare and unique stores, motels and other things.

    I use a host of postcard sites when doing research, as they reflect lots of Americana.


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