Thursday, March 5, 2009

Postcard Scavenger Hunt #1 – Dogs

This is my first Postcard Scavenger Hunt. If you are interested in participating, please read about how it works on my Announcing the Postcard Scavenger Hunt posting.

NOTE: You don't have to post today. The deadline is really at the end of the month so there is plenty of time to post. You also can put the permalink to an older post on the theme into Mister Linky.

The theme for this month is DOGS. I chose this theme because I read several postcard blogs recently that were about dog postcards. "Dogs" seems like a theme that a lot of people either have already or can find.

There are many different types of dog postcards. Here are a few from my postcard collection to inspire you.

An old postcard with a picture of a pretty little girl and a pretty big dog.

A 1940s linen postcard of greyhound racing in Florida.

My favorite 1950s-1960s U. S. chrome postcards of dogs are those showing dressed dogs with props and messages. Unfortunately these are much less common than plain portraits of dogs.

Black poodles are my favorite breed of dog because my family had a black standard poodle when I was young. This postcard is made in Denmark and signed by artist Michaelis.

"H.M. the Queen with the Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle." This is a real photo postcard published by Valentine's of a young Queen Elizabeth and a little Corgi, a breed of dog that I always associate with her.


  1. Where has this week gone? It's just zoooomed by: I've missed so many of your wonderful posts! I'm going to go pour myself a nice glass of wine and then read through them! Of course I will join your creative and fun event too!

  2. Here is my permalink to a dog post!

  3. Oh no! I didn't see this post until late, and I've already posted more than usual today; gotta keep something in reserve. I'm going to cheat like Marie did, and refer you to some of my previous posts about dogs.

    I will make a note to check early for the object of next month's hunt!

  4. You don't have to post right away. I was going to put a deadline at the end of the month so people would have plenty of time. You can also put the permalink to an older post on the theme into Mister Linky.

  5. I've never seen "Corgi" dogs in France.The first time I saw one, it's in a Tasha Tudor's drawing.

  6. Hello there,
    Here is my permalink to one of my Dogs of the Gaspe series.
    I'm presuming that you don't want this added to your open Mr.Link for the month of April but I will include a link back on my site!
    Evelyn in Montreal

  7. Thank you--I wasn't sure whether I could have more than one Mr. Linky at a time. It looks like I can't.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.


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