Thursday, March 5, 2009

Announcing the Postcard Scavenger Hunt

September 3, 2009
There will be no Postcard Scavenger Hunt this month. It has been hard to find postcard topics that many people will have and be interested in, and there has not been much participation most months.

(revised 6/3/09)
Each month (usually on the first Thursday Friday of the month) I will post a theme for the Postcard Scavenger Hunt. You are invited to place one or more of your postcards illustrating that theme on your blog and link to your blog posting via the Mister Linky widget. Please leave a comment, and if Mister Linky is not working, put your link in your comment.

You don't have to post right away. The deadline is really at the end of the month so people can have plenty of time. You can also submit the permalink to one of your older posts on the theme. Occasionally, I may add a link to a post I have seen that fits the current theme.

It is recommended that you use the permanent link for your post, not your home page url. By using the permanent link, your posting will be easier for others to find. Other ways you can help others find your posting are to copy my title (e.g. “Postcard Scavenger Hunt #1 – Dogs”) and to use “postcard scavenger hunt” as a label or tag.

If you have any suggestions or opinions about future themes, frequency, deadlines, etc., please leave a comment on this post.

List of Postcard Scavenger Hunts:

August #6: My Funniest Postcards
July #5: Night/Lights
June #4: Handicrafts
May #3: Fish
April #2: Spring
March #1: Dogs

I found this 1968 Russian postcard when I looked through my box of comic postcards for something related to hunting. I love the way this dog is LOL! A translation is penciled on the back: "To run for a hare is not my hobby." I studied Russian in school but I can't remember much except the Russian alphabet. I wish I still had my Russian dictionary. The last word looks like "profile" spelled in Russian characters, and "profile" actually is the literal translation I found on LangtoLang Multilingual Dictionary. Interestingly, that website translates "hobby" by just spelling it in the equivalent Russian characters. I think in English we would say it's not my "job."

1 comment:

  1. This is a great idea. Unfortunately I already posted my only Spring card last week.
    I'll try to take part in your next Scavenger Hunt.
    Evelyn in Montreal


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