Sunday, March 15, 2009

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Here is something to cheer you up when you're sick! Actually, this postcard was probably meant as a humorous insult, implying that you are sick in the head or mentally disturbed. If this postcard doesn't make you feel better, this video will.

Laughter is the Best Medicine


  1. Ha, ha, ha...
    In France, there's a proverb that says:
    "Laugh once per day, is equivalent to eat a beefsteak".

  2. Even more interesting than the card is the fact that Reader's Digest is on YouTube! Looking to replace their aging reader population, perhaps?

  3. My mother had a lifetime subscription to Reader's Digest.

    There is a March 4, 2009 article on the web now (copied hundreds of times) about Reader's Digest:
    Life gets harder for Readers Digest
    "Reader's Digest has asked lawyers
    to consider options for restructuring its operations, including a potential bankruptcy."

    I have a recent issue I bought for 25¢. It has quite a few articles that look interesting. It also has too many drug ads. Seems like the pharmaceutical companies are the only ones that can afford to advertise now.

  4. This is pretty hilarious... especially considering that I just sent you an email saying that I've been sick sick sick... I wrote that before coming over to see this card! What a coincidence!


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