Thursday, March 12, 2009

Postcard Advertising Postcards

There is still time to participate in my Postcard Scavenger Hunt #1 – Dogs!

This is a 1987 advertising postcard for the Penrod/Hiawatha Company and the North Michigan Gift Show.

There is a very interesting 2006 article Postcards Serve as Memories for Visitors to Mackinac Island that gives some history of the Penrod/Hiawatha Company, discusses postcard history and trends in the context of Mackinac Island Postcards, and has a photo of racks of postcards for sale in a store on Mackinac Island. In the postcard rack above, the second card from the bottom on the right shows a popular nighttime view of the Mackinac Bridge.


  1. I have a card lined up and ready to go. I wasn't too well earlier in the week, so I've been a bit behind in my postings.

  2. I just read Sheilas's comment! I was about to say the same... I've had a terrible case of the flu!


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