Thursday, June 17, 2010

PFF - Lakers and Celtics

Last week I noticed this card advertising a 1988 serigraph by LeRoy Neiman of Lakers and Celtics basketball players when I was looking through my oversize postcards. I normally don't pay attention to basketball, so I didn't discover until a few days later that the Lakers and Celtics were the teams playing in this year's NBA finals.

The Los Angeles Lakers were the 1988 NBA champions. The Boston Celtics did not reach the finals that year. I was surprised to discover that all four players in the picture were ones I had heard of. These are the 1987-1988 players shown:

Los Angeles Lakers
32 - Magic Johnson
33 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Boston Celtics
32 - Kevin McHale
33 - Larry Bird


  1. Great postcard and i think I will watch the game, I guess its tonight. Should be for LA since I was born there.

  2. GReat postcard. Great victory for the Lakers last night! Have always been a Laker fan, and have a signed Shaq jersey hanging in my house!

  3. I love the action and colour of the card. Basketball is a mystery to me, so was surprised I actually knew one of the names, Magic's of course.

  4. What fun! I just wish the Celtics had won this year! Happy PFF!

  5. While I don't know too much about the current sport scene in the US, I can appreciate the artwork and the memory of this postcard!

  6. THAT is a WONDERFUL postcard! I remember that year...what a colorful and beautiful find!

    Happy PFF!

  7. That is a great postcard! I know the guys at work would like that one. Thanks for stopping by for VTT. Have a good weekend...Julian

  8. a great is so foreign to me too but Magic Johnson is a household name all over the world, a hero not only because of his sporting achievements, but also for his HIV activism. happy PFF!

  9. WOW I remember them also..... YIKES!


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