Sunday, June 20, 2010

SS - Zinn's Modern Diner, Denver, Pennsylvania

Zinn's diner operated from 1950 until 2003. It specialized in Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking. This postcard has a view of Zinn's Diner with the first Amos, an Amish farmer statue, that was in front of the diner from 1960 to 1969. This statue was made of papier-mache. It was damaged and replaced in 1969 with a more durable fiberglass and steel statue. The second Amos statue was there until Zinn's closed in 2003.

Smorgasbord Sundays (SS)
restaurant and food postcards


  1. Love this postcard. I always enjoy postcards of diners, old motels etc. A little bit of Americana.

  2. I also love these giant statues. i wonder what would happen if this guy met Paul Bunyan. Would they like each other, or would there be some conflict?


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