Sunday, June 13, 2010

SS - Branding Room at Western Hills Hotel

The Western Hills Hotel was located at 6451 Camp Bowie in Fort Worth, Texas. It is obviously an exaggeration to say that it was "The NICEST Hotel Anywhere," but it was a popular and glamorous gathering spot in the 1950s.

I wonder whether this elaborate food display was a regular feature or whether it was made specially for the photo. I don't think those steaks look very appetizing, and the decorated fish behind them looks positively disgusting. The Branding Room restaurant was also decorated with a large mural that was saved when the hotel burned down in 1968. The mural is now in the art collection at Worthington National Bank’s Sundance Square location.

Below is a recipe for barbecue sauce from the Western Hills Hotel that appeared in an A.1. Sauce Life magazine ad in 1957.

If you think branding steaks sounds like fun, you will be glad to know that you can buy your own steak branding irons so that you can try it at home. In addition to Rare/Medium/Well steak branding irons, you can even get a "Rockin' Dad Steak Branding Iron." That might be a fun gift for the Dad who has everything.

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Rockin' Dad Steak Branding Iron


  1. Oh, dear!
    That doesn't look very appetizing at all, but it is amusing all the same.

  2. Great postcard, food does not look very good though.


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