Saturday, December 29, 2007

John Kendrick Bangs New Year's Quotes on A. M. Davis Postcards

My curiosity was aroused when looking over my old New Year postcards. I noticed that I have four New Year postcards published by A. M. Davis with greetings or verse attributed to John Kendrick Bangs. I had never heard of him before, but I soon learned that John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922) was a well-known American author, magazine editor, and lecturer.

This postcard is the only one of the four with a verse that rhymes. The verse alludes to New Year's resolutions, and the card is illustrated with the popular New Year's symbols, Father Time and Baby New Year. I can't read the date on this postcard. The other cards are copyright 1910 and have greetings wishing happiness and joy.

John Kendrick Bangs Biography

A Beautiful Season

Snow scenes have always been popular subjects on winter holiday and Christmas postcards. Most of the scenes, even on modern Christmas postcards, are very traditional and nostalgic.

I love the simple design of this postcard. I was reminded of it when I looked out my window today. The snow is slowly drifting down in big white flakes and the trees have a white coating. This has been an unusual year for snow in December. We haven't had any big snowstorms, just a lot of little additions to the snow already on the ground. The snow that fell on Christmas day was the most for that day since 1950.

This postcard was designed by Craig Lueck and published by Hallmark Cards, probably some time in the late 1980s.

For more information on holiday postcards, see my recent article Modern Christmas Postcards.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Eve in Mononland

This is a 1951 linen postcard advertising the Monon Railroad which was known as "The Hoosier Line." A blue Monon logo is printed on the back of this postcard.

The railroad was nicknamed "Monon" because its four main routes converged in Monon, Indiana. From Monon, the main routes went to Chicago, Louisville, Indianapolis and Michigan City, Indiana. In 1956 "Monon" officially became the corporate title.

In 1959, passenger service between Chicago and Indianapolis was discontinued. Other passenger service was discontinued in 1967.

An interesting bit of trivia concerns Purdue University's "Boilermaker" nickname. The nickname originated when the 1891 Purdue football team included several boilermakers from the Monon Railroad Shops.

It's Christmas Card Time — Hallmark Advertising Postcard

This postcard advertising Hallmark Christmas cards and the "delightful Hallmark Jack-in-Box Christmas Card Holder (150XCH17-3)" was mailed by a store in 1964. There is an advertising message printed on the back with space below it for the store name.

The Hallmark Newsroom website has an interesting page about Christmas Cards Through the Years, a descriptive listing of styles and subjects of Christmas cards from each decade since the 1920s. Over the years, Christmas cards have reflected the traditions and trends of society.

Another page of the Hallmark Newsroom lists some facts about Christmas cards.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

American Red Cross Clubs Italy Christmas Postcards

These two Christmas postcards are WWII era cards by the American Red Cross Clubs Italy. They are printed on lightweight cardstock and have "Free" printed in the stampbox. The artist's signature is not very clear—it looks like G. Tosti.

A branch of the American Red Cross, Services to the Armed Forces (SAF), operated a Club Service for members of the armed forces serving overseas. Service clubs ranged from large facilities in major cities, often requisitioned hotels, to small facilities in towns and villages in both the European and Pacific theaters of war. The large clubs offered not only meals and recreational activities but also overnight accommodations and such amenities as barbershops and laundries.

More information about Red Cross WWII activities:
WWII Accomplishments of the American Red Cross
WWII Red Cross Canteens

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

City of Paris 1951 Christmas Tree

"City of Paris" was a San Francisco, California department store. The store closed in 1972 after more than 100 years in business. In 1982 a new Neimann Marcus store that incorporated the elaborate dome from the original City of Paris store opened on the site of the old store.

This is a Photo Post Card on Kodak Paper. Facts about the City of Paris 1951 Christmas Tree are printed on the back of the postcard:

Measures more tha 50 feet high, erected as it comes from the forest. Adorned with 4000 ornaments and more than 2000 lights. Tree selected trained woodsmen weeks in advance…flame-proofed upon arrival in the city. Street roped off, doors removed to allow its entry late at night. Scaffolding with cat-walks allows even trimming by acrew of 30 men who worked 18 hours to make it ready for unveiling. Christmas 1951, the 51st tree, is the store's 101st year.

Department store Christmas trees used to be a big attraction for holiday shoppers. Some other stores that issued postcards showing their giant Christmas trees were Sterling Linder Davis of Cleveland and Barker Bros. of Los Angeles.

Christmas Decorations on Bethlehem, PA Hill to Hill Bridge

Bethlehem Pennsylvania's Hill to Hill Bridge is a concrete arch bridge with two metal truss bridge sections. It was built from 1921 to 1924 and joins Bethlehem and South Bethlehem. This undated linen postcard has a night view of the Christmas decorations on the Hill to Hill Bridge.

Bethlemem, Pennsylvania was founded on Christmas Eve in 1741. The settlement was named after the town of Bethlehem in Judea, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The city is known for its large 81-foot Christmas "Star of Bethlehem."

In 1937, the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce adopted the nickname "Christmas City, USA." Beginning after Thanksgiving and continuing until year end, Bethlehem offers many holiday-themed activities.
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