Thursday, February 26, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday - Bunny Yeager & Mailbox

"Send Me a Postcard Too!!" What a great idea :)

This is a postcard I bought for my collection topic of "postcards about postcards." On the back it credits "Color by Bunny Yeager." I think it is a photo of Bunny too. Bunny Yaeger started as a model and became a well-known and popular photographer of pin-up girls. Her photos appeared in magazines and other places where pin-up photos are used, including some postcards. She also published a number of books, including one titled How I Photograph Myself, a how-to book about taking one's own picture.

The mailbox in this picture is of a type known as the
Owens-style mailbox. This mailbox probably started out painted olive drab before being painted red, white, and blue. Later these mailboxes were painted all blue. Some recent photos of old blue cast iron mailboxes are at forgotten street scenes--ancient mailboxes.

More information on Bunny Yeager:

Bunny Yeager Website

Bunny Yeager--Bizarre Magazine

Bunny Yeager--Retro-Girls

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Sled Dogs in Action

Ed Clark's Eskimo Dog Ranch was opened in 1928. This is a 1946 linen postcard showing a team of Ed Clark's Eskimo sled dogs in action.

The description on the back of this postcard (all one sentence!) is as follows:

"Here at North Woodstock, N. H., right in the heart of the snowy White Mountains, Ed Clark, an enterprising ex-fur trader, maintains his celebrated Eskimo Sled Dog Ranch where the finest of pure blooded Eskimo Dogs may be seen as well as a wealth of Eskimo implements and other interesting material gathered by Mr. Clark on his many expeditions in the north."

The Fall 2008 Newsletter of the Upper Pemigewasset Historical Society shows some circa 1935 real photo postcards of dogs being used for hauling heavy loads. Other dog teams were used for speed.

The former Eskimo Sled Dog Ranch is now the Clark Trading Post, a popular tourist attraction in Lincoln, N. H. The sled dogs were were replaced by performing black bears which were found to be more profitable. The sled dog era is remembered by an exhibit in the Trading Post's Museum.

More information:

Clark's Trading Post Website

Roadside America--Clark's Trading Post

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Socks, the Clinton Cat, Postcard

Socks, the Clinton's cat in the White House, was put to sleep yesterday. His age was estimated at 19-20 years. He was a stray adopted by the Clintons in Arkansas in 1991. It was from Socks that I first learned that cats with the type of black and white markings that he had were known as "tuxedo cats."

The Clinton Foundation issued a statement from the Clinton Family on Socks the Cat:

"Socks brought much happiness to Chelsea and us over the years, and enjoyment to kids and cat lovers everywhere. We're grateful for those memories, and we especially want to thank our good friend, Betty Currie, for taking such loving care of Socks for so many years."

This postcard was published by the Arkansas Postcard Company. Bill Clinton was an ex-governor of Arkansas, and many Clinton related postcards were sold in Arkansas when he was president. My father lived near Hot Springs, Arkansas (Bill Clinton's hometown), so I was able to find this and other Clinton cards there when I visited my father.

Read more about Socks the cat:

The Clintons Bid Farewell to Socks the Cat

Socks, former Clinton cat, put to sleep

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Socks (cat) From Wikipedia

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday - Ste. Marie Mailbox

This is for Marie at cpaphil. I haven't figured out where or what Ste. Marie is. This is one of a small group I once bought of French postcards showing girls and mailboxes. Most of the others seem to be New Year's postcards (I don't know French).

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Stand By the President Postcard Poem

I was planning to post this postcard on President's Day, but I'm a little late. This postcard was mailed in 1917 during the time of World War I. It has a poem by Frank C. Nelson, titled Stand by the President. I was not able to find any information on this author or the original source of this poem. I did find a website with a copy of this card and many more WWI postcards and poems on The Great War.

The words of the poem on this card are:

The time is gone for argument, you've heard the Leader's call,
There's a burden we must carry, there's a service for us all.
From Portland Maine to Oregon, the call has now been sent,
Forget the past and get in line, stand by the President.

Apparently there is more to this poem. I saw a nearly identical postcard with the same title, author and number 2185. Only the words were different:

McKinley called in Ninety-eight, Old Abe in Sixty-one,
And years before they heard the call of Grand Old Washington,
We'll answer now as they did then in accents loud and long,
We are coming Woodrow Wilson, a hundred million strong.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Cat Postcard

I have two brown tabby cats, and I like to collect cat greeting cards. There seem to be very few Valentine postcards featuring cats — this is the only one I have. The colors on this postcard are unusual for a Valentine.

This postcard was printed in Germany and does not list a publisher. It was mailed in 1910. There is a message written on the back: "Dear Mother, we are coming home Sunday. how are you getting along?"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Greetings For You

This vintage (copyright J. Baumann 1910) Valentine postcard has a nice collection of Valentine symbols: cupid, hearts, roses, and doves.

Roses are a symbol of love. Today we think of red roses when we think of Valentine's Day. But, roses were not very common on old Valentine postcards. There are many other types of flowers on old Valentines. Most of the flowers are pink. Probably the rose has become more common because the floral industry is able to fly in roses from warm climates. There seems to be a recent trend, however, to give other flowers on Valentine's Day.

Lincoln Centennial Souvenir Postcard

Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809 at Elizabethtown, Kentucly. A number of postcards were issued by various publishers for the Centennial of his birthday in 1909. This postcard is from a set of six published by Nash, Lincoln Birthday Series No. 1. This card has a quotation from Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address on March 4, 1865: "With malice toward none, with charity for all." Other cards in this set depict a log cabin and White House, Lincoln as a rail splitter, the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves, the Bixby letter to the mother of dead soldiers, and the Gettysburg Address.

This year is the Lincoln Bicentennial year. Today President Obama made some remarks at the U. S. capitol to kick off the Lincoln Bicentennial celebrations.

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