Monday, January 7, 2008

Boring Postcard from Wahoo

There are two types of boring postcards: interesting boring and boring boring. I enjoy collecting the kind of boring postcards that are not really boring (at least to me). Of course, which category a boring postcard belongs in is a matter of personal preference. After spending several hours last week searching through a collection of 11,000 boring postcards, I ended up buying about 65. One of them is this Wahoo, Nebraska postcard that I consider to be a real gem among boring postcards.

A couple of years ago I reviewed the book Boring Postcards USA. I recently found some newer blog entries on the subject of "boring postcards" by michael5000. Included was a list of what makes a boring postcard collectible.

The Wahoo postcard has many fine boring features:
  • An unusually poor framing of the scene

  • A politically incorrect pun: "Home of good Indians / we say this without a reservation."

  • A teepee-shaped "A" in WAHOO

  • Boosterish claim to be a "City of Opportunity"

  • Claim to fame as the "Home of Five Famous Men" that most people have never heard of and whose names are almost illegible on the postcard

  • Added afterthought "Future home of Youthland USA" (Has anyone ever heard of that?)

Wahoo's website has a list of Fun Facts about Wahoo. First on the list is that "Wahoo has been the Home Office of the Late Show with David Letterman since March 1996." Wahoo is still claiming to be the home of Five Famous Men. Although the five men were alive in 1967 when this postcard was mailed, the last one died nearly twenty years ago.

For a recent version of the Wahoo sign, see The famous men of Wahoo.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Florida Weather

Comparing Florida weather to weather "up north" was a popular topic on Florida postcards of the linen era. Some of the other postcards in this category compare picking oranges to throwing snowballs, water skiing to snow skiing, or sun to ice.

Actually it has been known to snow in Florida, but not very often. There was one of the rare snow events this week. The Associated Press reported on January 3, 2008: "Flurries fell across the Sunshine State today, but it appeared that growers were spared the deep freeze they feared would devastate the nation’s citrus supply."

Wikipedia has a list of other snow events in Florida.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Happy New Year Postcard 1908 & 2008

Year date postcards were most common during the years 1908-1910. This 1908 year date New Year postcard was published by the Rotograph Co., N. Y. City. It is a "Real Photograph on bromide paper."

The sender of this card apologized for this "postal" being "not very pretty" and not getting around to sending the card in time for New Year (it was postmarked Feb. 6). She also wrote: "This card is a mix up." I'm not sure what she meant by that. Possibly this refers to the fact that the back is printed upside down relative to the front.

I had some fun playing with this postcard in Photoshop. By isolating the last two digits of 1908 and making a duotone, I was able to create a new postcard design suitable for 2008:

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