Thursday, November 16, 2006

Vote (1996)

This card is a little more than ten years late for last week's elections. It is a "Go Card" I bought at a postcard show some years ago.

I have not found free rack cards myself. I don't know whether they just aren't distributed in my area, or whether it is because I am not in the target audience of "twenty and thirty-somethings with high discretionary income." (The quote is from the Go Card Media Kit.) I enjoyed looking at their Media Kit which has examples of their cards and explains their advertising approach. A pdf version of their media kit can be downloaded at . The information and pictures are pretty much the same as what is on the website (, but the pdf is easier to navigate. I couldn't figure out if Go Card is still in business. The website appears out of date.

I found an interesting postcard article when I was looking for info on rack cards: . The article is by Pamela Apkarian-Russell who is known as the Halloween Queen and has written several books. The article talks about collecting both free rack cards and the early Art Nouveau and Deco Japanese cards—quite an unusual combination.

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