Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Whitney Valentine Postcard

Whitney Made cards were American made by a Worcester, Massachusetts company. Whitney produced many holiday postcards in the teens and twenties, most of which featured cute children on a white background. Their Valentines must have been especially popular, judging from the number still available.

I have about a hundred Whitney Valentine postcards. Most of the the ones I have have not been mailed, but many do have the "from" and "to" names on the back. I am showing this one (mailed and postmarked 1916 from Mankato, Minnesota) because of the interesting message on the back—also because it's very cold in Minnesota this Valentine's Day too!

Dear Evanore:
My isn't it cold today? How is school? It makes me think of the Valentine box we had at Rush Lake school, ha ha didn't we have fun. We've got a swell new bob and go coasting nearly every nite. Loren is sending Valentine's to all his girls.
Love from Mary R.

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