Friday, April 16, 2010

Pennsylvania Oil Country

This postcard is rather unusual. It is the only one I have seen with a map and a comic superimposed on a view. From the back of the card:
Scene showing Bird's-Eye View of Penzoil refinery and Oil Creek looking towards Rouseville near Oil City, Pa., a three hundred seventy-five mile tour through and from Pittsburgh, through the historic section where oil was first discovered, passing over one of the most scenic highways in the state--Pennfield Highway, or Route 153.

In the last half of the 19th century, western Pennsylvania was dominant in oil production. The area had already been known for oil seeping out of the ground and being found accidentally when drilling water wells. The first commercial oil well was drilled in 1859 in Titusville, north of Pittsburgh . Nearly half of the world's oil production came from Pennsylvania until the 1901 oil boom in Texas.

This post was written for
A Canadian Family
A Festival of Postcards Blog Carnival

8th Edition, April 2010: Geography


  1. Unusual is right ... and full of interesting information! Happy PFF!

  2. I had NO idea! Thank you for the history behind this wonderful postcard. Happy PFF!

  3. I have not seen a postcard like this one. Interesting about the oil boom.

  4. I had no idea Pennsylvania was an oil state! I love the card - unusual and attractive.

  5. Mine is of nearly the same region as on your card (although different in tone and appearance )and I know from what you've written that I really am seeing oil wells in the background. Plus I learned that this can be submitted to the carnival which I missed last time. Cool.

  6. A holiday round the oil wells, a tour for the enthusiastic petrol head. Most unusual card, love the hitch-hikers.

  7. WOW PA was a big producer of oil... had no clue... thanks for sharing. Happy PFF!

  8. I also had no idea about Pennsylvania oil! What an interesting card - I love the map and comic overlay. Happy PFF!


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