Sunday, May 23, 2010

SS - Bernstein's Fish Grotto, San Francisco

Bernstein's Fish Grotto was a San Francisco restaurant specializing in seafood. It was in business from 1912 to 1981 and was a popular tourist attraction. Its claim to fame was its unique entrance, a reproduction of the bow of Columbus's ship Nina. The bow of ship actually protruded out on the sidewalk.

The nautical theme was continued in the interior of the restaurant in seven dining rooms: the Fisherman's Cave, the Pilot Room, the Sun Deck, the Main Salon, the Cabin Nooks, the Upper Deck, and the Porthole Counter. The menu at Bernstein's Fish Grotto included cioppino, a fish stew popular in San Francisco's Italian community.

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  1. What a wonderful postcard--it must have been an interesting place to Such a colorful postcard! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good morning, Postcardy! I've been wanting to thank you for visiting my blog:) Comments are always appreciated.
    I love San Francisco, but it is tres cher -- $100+ dollars for a hotel room and not even a coffeemaker in the room [eeww, my and that was back in '96!]. I have great memories of eating sour cherry candies while walking Fishmerman's Wharf with my daughter. And we actually got to grab onto a trolley and hang on the outside just like in the movies:) Your postcard stirs great memories!

  3. I loved seeing this postcard, it looks much like I remembered it. I went there with my parents when I was 9; and my Dad had been there in the 40s when he was in the service. According to Wikipedia, it closed in 1981. It's sad to see a Walgreens in its place. These kind of unique businesses are disappearing.


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