Monday, April 4, 2011

Hackensack, MN - Home of Paul Bunyan's Sweetheart

Hackensack, Minnesota is the home of Paul Bunyan's Sweetheart, Lucette Diana Kensack, located on the shore of Birch Lake. It is in the heart of Minnesota's 10,000 Lakes and is known as a "fisherman's paradise." According to the Hackensack Chamber of commerce website, there are 127 lakes in a 10-mile radius from Hackensack.

The Hackensack large letter postcard is postmarked July 5, 1955. The message reads:
Hi- Got here last night. Haven't done much fishing. It rains off and on. W_ is out now. Plan to stay a week. See you then.
The statue of Lucette Diana Kensack was originally built in 1952. The older postcards describe it as 20 feet tall, but current descriptions say it is 17 feet tall. She was rebuilt after being severely damaged by the weather in 1991. Her color scheme is the same, but her top half looks quite different now.

Hacksensack is midway between Brainerd and Bemidji, the homes of two Paul Bunyan statues. Lucette Diana Kensack's new look is shown on the "Paul Bunyan Country" postcard.


  1. Whoa...I guess I need to go back and re-read Paul Bunyan. I forgot he had a sweetheart. We have Paul Bunyan statues out here in Oregon too, but none of the sweetheart. So glad to know about this.

  2. I think this sweetheart was a Minnesota invention to attract tourists.

  3. I didn't realize that Paul Bunyan even had a sweetheart. Looks like she was a lot of woman! (heh heh)

  4. I've never seen the sweetheart postcard before!


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