Monday, August 15, 2011

Christian Science Reading Rooms - Minneapolis

This Christian Science Reading Room was in the Plymouth Building in downtown Minneapolis. I love the way this room is decorated. It looks like an ideal spot for reading. I posted a large scan of this card so all the details could be seen and appreciated.

This card was mailed in 1913. I don't know how long this reading room was there. The current reading room is at a different location.

The following information on Christian Science Reading Rooms is from Wikipedia:
Branches of the Church of Christ, Scientist normally maintain a Christian Science Reading Room in their community where the public can study, borrow, or purchase Christian Science literature. There are approximately 2000 Christian Science Reading Rooms worldwide.

Such information includes the Christian Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, other writings by Mary Baker Eddy (who established reading rooms as a church activity), and other items published by the Christian Science Publishing Society.

Reading rooms are usually placed in public places—often storefronts—though occasionally situated within a church building itself, open either full or part-time, and attended by either a regular librarian or by members to assist or answer inquiries.

The first Christian Science Reading Room was established in Boston in 1888.


  1. It is well lit and has a nice atmosphere. I would like an overstuffed chair though.

  2. Beautiful room....and that furniture, wow!


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