Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Minnesota State Fair - Postcard Exhibits

I always like to look at the postcard displays in the Creative Activities Building at the Minnesota State Fair. I like to photograph them too, although the low light and glass display cases make it impossible to get good photos. Most of the displays were in the contraption with hinged frames shown above. Some were in large display cases with other kinds of items.

The exhibits are judged and first through fourth place ribbons are awarded. The majority of the displays received a ribbon. The first and second place displays are shown here.

My favorite display was the one with handmade collages illustrating various quilt patterns. This one was very creative and especially appropriate as an example of a creative activity.

Untitled Quilt Pattern Collages

The display of Krampus postcards won the Sweepstakes Award. Krampus was described as a tall devil that accompanies Saint Nicholas in some parts of Europe. He is a scary creature that has the job of punishing bad children by swatting them with his switches. He carries extra bad children are carried off to Hell.

Christmas Postcards Featuring Krampus

Loring park is on the edge of downtown Minneapolis. It was originally called Central Park. It was renamed in honor of Charles Morgridge Loring, a Supreme Court Justice who was the first president of the Minneapolis Board of Park Commissioners.

Loring Park - Minneapolis Central Park

Pastime Punch-out Postcards is a set of Tucks Post Cards called "Butterflies on the Wing." It is shown with its original package.

Pastime Punch-out Postcards

Biltmore House and Gardens is in Biltmore, North Carolina.

Biltmore House & Gardens

"For the Love of Linens" shows a variety of linen postcards. Its title is made up of letters like those on large letter linen postcards.

For the Love of Linens

The World's Columbian Exposition was held in 1893 in Chicago. These cards are an Official Souvenir set of ten U. S. postal cards.

1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition

The Swedish Hospital - Minneapolis

Nurses of Many Countries

"Is It Animal, Vegetabe, or Mineral?" has postcards made of different materials or with attachments of different materials. Some of the materials are leather, wood, sponge, aluminum, and copper.

Is It Animal, Vegetabe, or Mineral?

MSP - Charles Lindbergh Terminal

Old Twin Cities Trolleys


  1. Seriously!? I had no idea there were postcard displays at State fairs. Maybe I will have to go now. Mostly when I have gone in the past, I just looked at the livestock.

  2. I wonder whether other state fairs have anything like this.

  3. Thank you for posting them. they are very impressive, especially the Tuck's postcards.

    Are they from private collections?

  4. As far as I know, these are all from private collections, and the category is open to anybody in Minnesota.

  5. As one of the many people that placed their postcards on display at the Minnesota State Fair, it's a little depressing not to take a ribbon home, when you have placed you best postcards forward. It's like the Oscars of post carding.

  6. I didn't agree with the some of the judging. There were some excellent displays that did not get any ribbons, and some not very good ones that did. I thought the display of black postcards was excellent, and the two cat displays were very good too. Maybe it was the fault of the way the categories were set up.

  7. Thank you for posting this! I enjoyed reading it very much :D


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