Monday, September 10, 2012

King Turkey Day - Worthington, Minnesota

The following description is from the back of this postcard:
KING TURKEY DAY: Worthington's annual late summer festival. Started in the late 1930s, featuring a large parade lead by a flock of turkeys and many other attractions including the Great Gobbler Gallop, a turkey race between Worthington and Cuero Texas to determine the Turkey Capital of the World.

In the “Great Gobbler Gallop” the turkeys race through the streets of each town. Worthington’s turkey racer is named Paycheck, and the Texas bird is named Ruby Begonia. The turkey is chased by a human racing team that tries to steer their turkey toward the finish line by using noisy paddles. They are not allowed to actually touch the turkey. The King Turkey Day Grand Parade, a one-half hour extravaganza, takes place after the race with bands, floats, politicians, beauty queens, clowns, etc.

The 2012 dates for King Turkey Day festival are September 14 and 15.


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