Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Triple Rail Crossing - Richmond, Virginia

This postcard shows the triple rail crossing in Richmind, Virginia. The back of the postcardd has the following description:
This unique photograph presents to view the only point in the world where three trunk line trains cross each other at the same time, and over their separate tracks. At the top is shown a passenger train of the C. & O. Railway leaving Richmond for the upper James River Valley just beneath it a train of the S.A.L. Railway leaving the Main Street (Union) Deport for the South, and on the ground a train of the Southern Railway coming into Richmond from West Point on the York River.
An earlier postcard shown here (and on Wikipedia) is postmarked 1919 and has a different picture, but an identical description. According to the Wikipedia article, the triple crossing has been a Richmond attraction for railfans for over 100 years, although the number of photographic angles decreased in the 1990s due to a new flood wall.


  1. Wow. This kind of card could send a train enthusiast into serious sensory overload.

  2. I hope you don't mind that I re-blogged this super-cool blogpost of yours! :)
    Now, may I have that postcard, please?
    Well, if you ever get one like that...:)

  3. That is a good looking card. have been looking at the images for a blog post about it of my own. Thanks. Your blog looks good.

    Ill be back.


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