Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cats and Dogs on Stamps

Above are postcards from the United States Postal Service showing the Spay Neuter stamps issued in 2002.

According to information from USPS the puppy, Kirby, and kitten, Samantha, featured on the stamps were adopted from animal shelters and were respectively neutered and spayed.

I bought the dog card at a postcard show and just received the cat card from a Postcrosser. I was really surprised to see that the cat postcard is oversize, while the dog card I have is regular size. Now I am wondering whether both were produced in both sizes.

Below is a sheet of 2010 Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps that I bought to use on my mail. These are the postal service's 2010 social awareness stamps. They feature animals adopted from shelters and are intended to raise awareness of the need to adopt shelter pets.

Other U. S. postage stamps featuring cats and dogs are a 13¢ stamp of a kitten and puppy playing in the snow issued in 1982 for use on holiday postcards and images of a cat and a dog that were included in the "Bright Eyes" set of five pets in 1998.

There are also many cat and dog stamps from other countries. The YouTube video A Cat's Stamp of Approval shows many of the cat stamps that have been issued throughout the world.

I am participating in Sunday Stamps at Viridian's Postcard Blog


  1. I love the Shelter stamps, I think I have received most of them on envies or pc's. Love the dog and cat postcards too.

  2. Great way to raise awareness. I have a soft spot for animals, especially dogs. Will definitely buy a whole sheet if only to show support.

    Have a happy Sunday!

    Postcards Crossing

  3. Like Deborah I too have received quite a few on postcards, nice stamps. Love the Taiwan stamp.

  4. I have not seen the two postcards you show at the top (my stamp/postcard interest wanes at times). The animals have sad eyes yet are adorable. I have used a number of the 44 cent stamps myself for postcrossing.

  5. They are beautiful stamps. They make me want to rush of and rescue a pet.

  6. Having been brought up in a dog household, I've turned into a cat person. :) I don't believe I've seen any of these stamos before, but I must check more carefully.

  7. I have all those stamps, and I even created maximum cards with most of them. Lovely pets...
    Remember: about 10,000 dogs and cats are killed in shelters every day in USA.


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