Thursday, January 27, 2011

PFF - G'day from Australia

I just learned today about Australia Day which is celebrated in Australia on January 26. Australia Day is a national holiday that commemorates the 1788 arrival of a fleet of ships from England to establish a penal colony at Sydney Cove. The real celebration is over for this year, but I decided to do an Australia post anyway.

This is one of the cute Australian animal postcards I found at an Australian booth that was at the Minnesota State Fair one year (about 20 years ago). Can you name all the animals (I can't). Can you say "G'day"?


  1. I'd like to trade places or at least weather with them right now. Happy Australia Day!

  2. G'day cobber. They are a group of cute critters. I have always wanted to hear a kookaburra call for real.

  3. Howdy
    Happy PFF :)
    You are always such a delighful place to visit !
    Love the post for today.
    I tried the G"day ,but it came out all wrong with this southern twang of mine . I enjoyed the show Postcardy ! Thank you for a great time .
    May you have a super rest of the weekend .
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails

  4. Love the card ... the Australian wildlife are too cute! Happy PFF!

  5. G'day!! Catchy music. I love the blogs of the Aussie ladies who are into quilting - so fun to read and they do great work. Nice blog post!

  6. So cute! and for Aussies, Australia day is in summer so lots of fun in the sun.

  7. Sure, I can name them: John, Peter...

    -Eastern Grey Kangaroo or Western Grey Kangaroo.
    -Echidna (Long-beaked, I guess).
    -Sulphur-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita; not..tua caca)
    -frill-necked lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii), also known as the frilled lizard or frilled dragon.


  8. Fun postcard with the animals-love to go to Australia some day!

  9. G'day! Cheery postcard and song. Oh, and about the animals: what Dorincard said.

  10. This really did make me laugh. I had an Australian colleague and we used to tease her unmercifully but before long we were all saying G'day!

  11. I'm late, I'm late.....So late in getting to view last weeks entries!

    That is a fun card!


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